At first I wrote because I could,
And I would feel good when I was done.

Then I wanted to share,
And I did,
And some hearts fell.

But then I started to worry.
I thought I needed more.
I need more hearts,
I need more love.
Will they like it?
What will they think?

And so my self gave way
Beneath the stampede
Of my thoughts,
My anxieties
And frantic worrying
About what other people thought.

That’s why I came here.
I’m trying to start again,
To write for me,
To let my heart flow out,
And do so freely.

I will counts the hearts
That come to me
I know,
But I’ll try hard
Not to fall.

I’ll try hard 
Not to fall for them
And think that they love me,
Or they don’t.
I’ll just write,
Because I need to.
I really need to,
But I also need someone to hear me.

So even though I don’t know who you are,
Please hear me.


I mistake attention for love.
Look at me and I’ll think you care.

I expect things,
And hurt when I’m failed.

But it’s getting enough.
It’s getting enough to teach me,
That you are not different.
You will fall,
Just like I do,
And you will hurt me,
So I should expect it.

This earth is filled with people,
And we don’t have room
In our hearts
For all of them.

I understand.
You can’t love me
The way I’d like.

I understand.
I’ll try not to cry

My day isn’t new.
None of my days are new.
I hope they’ll be different.
I intend to make them different.
But intentions are all I have.

I keep falling down
Into the same pit,
The same spot
Marked out with the roundness of my buttocks.

There is no new path
That I walk on.
There is no new song that I sing.

I make wishes
And I hope they come true.
I throw up short prayers
And kind of wonder
Whether or not they’re accepted,
Whether or not they’re good enough.

I repeat myself everyday
And become tired 
From running in circles,
But I never stop,
Not completely,
No matter how many times
I tell myself
That I should,
That I have to.

I think I’ll get tired of it
One day,
One day soon.
But for now
I’m not dead yet.
I’m not alive either,
But I haven’t stopped existing.

I keep thinking that with time
Everything will work itself out.
It probably will,
But I can’t see that,
And I don’t trust it.
I don’t think I’ll get better,
Not really.

I’ll just learn,
Like everyone else,
How to pretend,
How to smile and not mean it,
How to convincingly say
“I’m fine.”

I will.
I’ll learn.
I’ll learn how to be good.

Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget

The machine that can take my mother’s scars away
And gather her tears to use as balm
Is the one I would create
If I had the power in my palm.

My sister is a beauty,
Precious and rare,
But “you’re stupid”
And “what’s wrong with you?”
Are the only words she can hear.

My poor father
Was strong once
And I thought he was the world.
But now his veins and heart
Are ready to unfurl.

Time used to be sweet
As we tasted it with our tongues,
But it has truly become bitter
In our stomachs
And now we long

For peace, the peace that we once had,
And our hair is falling out.
We can be nothing but sad

As we wait in silent hope
For everything to get better,
Being almost certain
The only change
Is in the weather.

And yet we wait
For some flower to bloom,
Some new scent to fill the air
And make us forget our gloom.

But what if nothing comes

And we forever stay the same?
What if the change we’re hoping for
Never sees the light of day?

This used to be my playground,
My solace and safe haven.
It was wide open, but all of it was mine,
And I was free to roam
As I pleased.

Rocks and dirt,
Flowers and bees,
Big blue sky, and bright sun.
Until scales fell from my eyes,
And I heard my mother cry,
And daddy decided
That this was the last time.

We were moved again.
The same strange land as before.
The same strange language,
And strange people
I didn’t understand.
Strange people that looked nothing like me.

Suddenly the world became so small,
And I couldn’t see the sun anymore.
The clouds I had floated on
Had disappeared as well.
My magic carpet was gone,
And I had to use cold metal
With wheels

My flowers were blown away.
I never again saw bees.
I was enclosed by walls.
No windows, no breeze.
No air,
Can’t breathe.
But must live on.

I can’t stop,
Though I want to.