All My Saviors Have Died

All my saviors have died.
I am left
Squinting in the darkness
For light
I believe
I will never find.

All my saviors have died.
I reach
For hands
That can never grasp mine
For they have
Long ago
Into the wilderness.

All my saviors have died.
I am alone
Nursing my wounds
With blades for fingers
Wondering where
All my saviors have gone.



Lost in sad songs
I feel my full bladder
And ignore it
Because there are other things
That are becoming too much for me

I check the time again
And it’s early enough
I think again
About all the things I want
And feel my empty hands:
None of them are there.

I roll over
And look at another spot on the wall.
I’m waiting for something –
For this night to pass,
This feeling maybe.

I’ve been waiting for a while.


I realise I’m alone in the world
As I lie on my right side
And feel my heart beat
While the light
From my scented candle
Flickers against the far wall.

I’m sick.
And this time I have chosen to rest.
Remedies, natural and otherwise,
Have not worked in the past.

I yearn for a body to hold
And realise there isn’t one
I can bring near me.

I keep watching Hulu.
What else is there to do?