Why I Whisper

This blog is for therapy. For me. Because I think a therapist would be great, but I don’t think I actually want to speak to one. Besides that, I started this blog because I write poems and I want other people to read them.

I saw in an episode of “I Miss You” that all you need is one friend. I’ve never forgotten that. I think it’s true. I’m not sure I want to make friends. I don’t think I’m interested in friends; plural. Just one. I only need one friend. As much as I’d like to however, I don’t have one friend right now. Because of that, I thought I’d take up journaling. There are many things going around in my head that I’d like to let out, but I don’t have that one friend to release them to. So though I have an actual journal already, I want to use this blog as a journal too, or something like one.

In truth, I want to talk. And I want to share my poems. I use those to talk too, but sometimes I need more than that. So this blog is me talking, to whoever happens to be reading it. I’m talking to you.


Feel free to connect with me on
facebook: @sorayajan0
twitter: @confused_poet


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