Why I Whisper

This blog is for therapy. For me. Because I think a therapist would be great, but I don’t think I actually want to speak to one. Besides that, I started this blog because I write poems and I want other people to read them.

I saw in an episode of “I Miss You” that all you need is one friend. I’ve never forgotten that. I think it’s true. I’m not sure I want to make friends. I don’t think I’m interested in friends; plural. Just one. I only need one friend. As much as I’d like to however, I don’t have one friend right now. Because of that, I thought I’d take up journaling. There are many things going around in my head that I’d like to let out, but I don’t have that one friend to release them to. So though I have an actual journal already, I want to use this blog as a journal too, or something like one.

In truth, I want to talk. And I want to share my poems. I use those to talk too, but sometimes I need more than that. So this blog is me talking, to whoever happens to be reading it. I’m talking to you.


Feel free to connect with me on
facebook: @sorayajan0
twitter: @confused_poet

4 thoughts on “Why I Whisper”

  1. Wow. Are writers the same. You sound so much like me. And I love the idea of “one friend”. I hope you’ve found that person. And beautiful writing.

  2. I know writers aren’t the same. We all have different ideas, but deep within, all of us have the desire to share our work, to be appreciated, and to enjoy the process, don’t you think so?

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