no explosion

no explosion.

i sink
into my smile,
allowing my shoulders to rise
and hug my neck

the music
coming through my earphones

no explosion.

the day didn’t go up
in flames.

i let myself breathe
for the first time

since waking up this morning.

i look forward
even more now
to seeing my friend after work.

no explosion.
no fire.
no flames.

i sink
into my smile

and rest

in joy.


clocks that work
smiles that are genuine

i lower my head
and concentrate
on the discomfort
around my right temple


it’s not quite doing the trick,
but i drink it anyway
because i’ve told myself
that it will work.

i talked about my father today.

i drank with him two weeks ago.

my forehead.
the discomfort has moved there now.
i’m still drinking the tea.

one person.
a friend.

i still can’t believe my mother is dead.
life is a shit hole.

i don’t have enough money to get out of it yet,
but i dream about the days when i will be out




there will be pictures
and languages,
i will feel good.

when i’m not away,
i’ll do work that i love.
i will not dread each day as it begins

and in all this loving and seeing
and colour,
maybe i’ll find a clock that works
and smiles that are genuine
from one person.
a friend.