Everything It Is

It’s religion.
It’s love.
It’s time.
It’s family.
It’s government and politics and me being black.
It’s me being scared and my brother being five.
It’s my grandmother coming and my father growing old.
It’s my nephew, about to be born into this world.
It’s my mother, unfairly and unexpectedly extinguished.
It’s my country, unable to support me well
and my heart not being able to love another one.
It’s the love of my life, us separated by a sea.
It’s my fear to tell my father, while unconcerned he may be.
It’s the never knowing when, having to wait on time,
but knowing that once it passes it can never be refined.
This presses me to take action, but I should be careful of doing things in haste.
Sometimes it is better to wait,
but then you might get stuck with the ifs.
It’s the ignorance of the masses which includes myself.
It’s me not being sure I want to know, in case I cannot help.
It’s the world I live in.
It’s the time of now.
It’s me not being able to escape it.
It’s knowing it needs to be reshaped somehow.
It’s wondering if I’ll be alive to see any change take place.
It’s wanting to damn it all to hell since I will die in any case.
And since I have limited time, should I not just focus on myself?
I am only one person;
One more figurine on the shelf.

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