All up in My feelings: The Help

This is the reason I don’t read old books. Probably the reason I don’t like February.

It makes me think about what my fore-parents went through, and it makes me feel like I went through it. Like I was the one who was hurt, who was beaten, who was called dirty and treated like a carrier of all types of disease.

This is why I don’t want to re-watch Roots, ever. I’m older now, so I should be able to watch all the movies in order and understand the whole story better. But I think I understand enough.

And I don’t want to raise my children to hate white people, on the chance that they become friends with them and find me to be a complete liar. I don’t want to make people pay for things they didn’t do themselves. Everyone who participated in this stuff, who made it all happen, is dead and long buried. But here’s the thing though. They say they shouldn’t be made to pay for what their ancestors did. That’s fine. But why do they sit and let us pay for what their ancestors did? We’re still paying. Why is that fair?

And I haven’t studied on this stuff and I don’t want to, but no one can tell me that slavery and segregation has nothing to do with the current state of the black population, of the African continent, of whites.

Whites aren’t paying for, or trying to remedy what their own ancestors did. Why the hell is everyone else being made to do it?