It’s haunting me – and I don’t even know what it is,
When it started, or when I became afraid.
Maybe I was always afraid; I was taught to be afraid.
Being the good student I am, of course I learned my lessons.

My heart quivers when he speaks
And tears make their way down my cheeks
Before I even have a chance to think
And hear what is being said.
I gather everything inside me just
To say something back and the timid voice
That whispers is like a smaller self
Representing my fear at its utmost
Wanting to run and hide beneath
Whatever is closest.

But I stand there. I stand there and listen.
I stand beneath his thunder
His roaring
His loud, booming voice.
I listen
And I speak.
I speak
And I cry,
Then he asks if I’m alright
And I tell him I’ll be fine.

I lied,
But I could only be so brave
In one day.


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