Note to Self: Don’t Go Crazy

Oh my gosh I was totally going to write a poem right now, but then I opened my notes and found this one! I love when stuff I wrote in the past is relevant to my present.

I’m thinking unnecessarily
Working myself into a frenzy
About a future I never cared for
And now I fear more
Of these thoughts
Will plague me
Drive me insane – please!
Why can’t I just live
How I want to?
But that’s exactly the problem –
And these travel in tandem –
So many questions on hand when
I just want to be quiet
And live life in the moment
The present, to own it
Not hold a grudge over what’s been stolen
And continue to hold my wounds open.
Yes, I plan for tomorrow today,
But that doesn’t mean I should let slip away
All the precious gifts that are right now before me
Because I’m preoccupied with a cloud hovering o’er me.
And so what if it lets loose and it rains?
It will not be my first time experiencing pain
And just like before, I will be made stronger.
I will not die. I will only last longer.

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