Coffee and Thankfulness

Bad days follow good days the same way good days follow bad. I’m glad I’ve come to realise this and develop some kind of ability to take things as they come to me. Sure, I complain a lot. Anyone who knows me knows that I complain about almost everything. At the same time though, I’ve begun to be more thankful for things too. Maybe it’s because recently a lot of good things have been happening to me. It could also be that I am choosing to do so in order to cope with the not so good things that are happening to me as well. I realise that even as I complain about awful customers and rude adults and mentally insane weather, I am thankful for receiving a day off, having enough time to cook a meal for myself, being able to sing a song in front of a meagre audience.

I am currently at work drinking my second medium-sized cup of dark roast coffee with almond milk and three sugars from Dunkin’ Donuts. I was enjoying my coffee and singing in my head while looking off at the scenery through the windows. I realised that my state was one of calm and unconcern. I wasn’t worried or annoyed about anything. I love moments like that, because they do not happen often. Then an image of me writing came to mind.

I’m astounded that I’ve even been posting these days. When the semester started I thought I wouldn’t be able to write anything till it was over because of how busy I was going to be, but here I am writing. Here I’ve been writing.

I’m thankful for every time I’ve written something and posted it on here. I’m thankful for every person who has read what I have written, and for each new follower of this blog. Receiving notifications from WordPress that people have liked my writing and have decided to follow it has been a great source of joy recently, which is a welcome change from constantly feeling tired and bogged down with assignments.

I like this new thankfulness thing. And I like when I realise I’m doing it. I like this change in myself. And I like that it’s finally occurring.


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