This Will Be A Memory Gone

I’m hoping that this morning is one of the mornings I’ll forget, one of the ones I won’t remember about a few years from now, or even a few months from now. It was one of those mornings where technology failed me yet again and caused me to miss two buses, so that the only way I could get to work on time would be to take a taxi which would cost me way more than two or three dollars.

On my way up the street to catch the second bus, I tried to tell myself that I would be fine, that didn’t I need to make up an excuse or a reason for this, that I would still get to work and I would be fine. Then I saw the bus drive through the intersection, quite a ways in front of me.

My phone had lied to me twice in one morning. I had just about half an hour to get to work and I definitely needed more than that. I didn’t want to call a cab, but I didn’t want to get to work half an hour late. I opened my taxi app and couldn’t get a ride right away because for some reason my debit card was no longer a good enough payment option. I didn’t want to go through the extra step so I opened a second taxi app I have. My debit card wasn’t okay for that company either. I went back to the first app and changed my information, since “updating” what was already there didn’t work the first two times I tried. I got to work with a few minutes to spear, and now I’m here trying to get through a few assignments for school. This is going to be a long and hard year, but a rewarding one, and I hope this morning gets lost in all the work.


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