Sleepless Night

What is this
I feel?
This wandering,
This un-stillness,
This scattering
Inside my being?

What is this
I hear?
This silence,
This empty
This chorus
By a hundred voices
Nothing at all?

What is this
I see?
This dispersal
Of images
Meant to be
My future?

What is this
Why does it
Not let me sleep?
What is this
What is this



Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that I’m currently working on the anthology. I went through all the poems I’ve written over the past four and a half years and selected a few to put together for publishing. I’m currently typing them out so that I can have them all together in one place in digital format.

A friend of mine agreed to design a book cover for me, and I already have a title! (Why does it feel like I’ve already said this?) There is at least one person who agreed to personally spread the word about my book. I’m primarily depending on you all for that though. I’m hoping that you will support me in this as it’s the very first time I’m trying something like this, although I’ve kind of always wanted to.

My primary focus is having my book available in digital format, and after that I will work on physical copies. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will work out.

I just wanted to send out another reminder and thank you all for reading my posts all this time.

– SorayaJan