Great News

I don’t know if I made mention of this – yes I did – but I’m going through my poems with the intention of getting a few of them together in order to publish an anthology. I’ve already had two single poems published by The Paper Plane Pilots in their online literary magazine, In-flight, and a coworker of mine also published two of my poems in a magazine he runs. Well, that’s the good news! The magazine is ready; I’m going to get twenty or so copies and I’m going to give them out!

Come to think of it. I’m only going to give out about four of them. They were published with my pseudonym, so I can’t just give them to people I know. Would any of you like one? I looked it up and I can mail things without putting my address on them. I’d put my name on it though, so you’d know it was me. What do you think?

Anyway, I just wanted to get it out there that this is happening. I’m excited about it and I hope I that this anthology comes together well and is received well also. I’m also incredibly open to any help or advice concerning publishing since I know next to nothing about it. Thanks in advance. I’d really appreciate it.

So, do you have any great news to share?


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