From 2011: Counting My Blessings

A list of blessings I came up with one Sabbath morning on my way to church in order to somehow lift my heavy spirit by making myself aware of all the things I had to be thankful for. It didn’t work.

1. I am alive.

2. Both my parents are alive.

3. All my grandparents are alive.

4. I have not lost a lot of close people to death.

5. Both my parents were and are a part of my life.

6. I have three siblings and all of them are alive and well.

7. I am not sick. I have never been admitted to a hospital. I wasn’t born with any major illness(es).

8. My body functions the way it is supposed to. Both my legs work fine and I can walk. I have both my arms and I can use them. I have control of my body, no part of it is paralyzed or has been amputated.

9. I eat everyday, more than once.

10. I have clean water to use and drink.

11. I have more than one pair of shoes.

12. I have clothes.

13. I have a bedroom.

14. I have a large loving family.

15. I completed basic, primary, and high school, and am now in college.

16. I have friends.

17. I know God.

18. I’ve never been physically abused.

19. I’ve never been raped or molested in any way.

20. I am not addicted to any drug.

21. I smile everyday.

22. I have a Bible.

23. I can be a Christian freely and openly.

24. I’ve never faced discrimination because of my race or gender.

25. I was not born and I do not now live or have ever lived in the eastern part of the world.

26. I have never been treated as a second class citizen.

27. I have hope.

28. I have a church to go to every Sabbath that is inside a building.

29. I have never experienced an earthquake, a volcano, or a tsunami.

30. None of the hurricanes that I have lived through have caused any major damage to my home or family.

31. I have choices, and a say in what happens in my life.

32. I’ve never been in a vehicular accident.

33. I almost drowned more than once, almost.

34. I can swim.

35. Even when the money was really low and my mother was clueless, God still took care of us.

36. I grew up with love.


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