Sudden Downpour

“Oh, hello,” I give a slight smile and nod a little. I don’t want a conversation. I walk around a little after looking outside again. It’s raining harder. Damn. What the hell was wrong with technology, or whoever was in charge of weather information? My phone didn’t say anything about rain, anything at all. Cloudy I can deal with, not rain – especially when I don’t have an umbrella. Shit. Does this always have to happen to me? The one time I decide I’m not going to bring my umbrella is the day it rains, when my phone said it wouldn’t. Of course. I should be used to this by now.

An exasperated sigh leaves my lips and the creep comes up to me again. Why do I always run into those? Old creeps. Can’t a young, decent looking guy with nice teeth come up to me and say something? No. Always these old creeps staring at me. It’s even worse when they smile. Ugh. I sound like a high schooler. I should stop. But damn!

“Looking for anything in particular?”

“What? Oh. No. Not really.” I pull back the corners of my mouth a little and walk away again. Just stay away from me. You know very well I’m only in here because of the rain. I’ll be out of here soon enough. Just go stand behind the counter or something. Why am I so irritable though? My life really isn’t that bad. I should be more grateful. Yeah but I’m not. I don’t know why either. Another sigh.

My phone says it should keep raining for another two hours. Isn’t that nice? Where can I buy an umbrella? I really don’t feel like standing in this store for two hours. I can’t even see well. There’s hardly any light. Wow, that’s cool. I remember those. Didn’t people ever break their fingers trying to make phone calls on those things? Ha ha. They look nice though. I had a toy one when I was little. I don’t even know what this place is. I didn’t get to look at the sign before I ran in here. I think it’s new too. Good for them. Oh god here comes the creep again. Go look at something and pretend you don’t see him. Maybe he’ll just walk past you.

An old draft that I can’t remember.


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