She Has a Body

Kelsey L. Munger

You’re a good Christian girl
So you’re trying to hide your new breasts
Hiding them under that thick, baggy sweater
But it’s not working
And you begrudge your body all the more for it
Puberty is always hard, awkward
But it’s harder for you because every new curve
Every new bend, possesses a toxic magic
It can topple a man’s moral scruples in an instant,
Or so you’ve been told
So you cover it up, keep it out of sight
In order to protect the men

You’re a modest Christian girl
So you’re following all of the rules,
Or at least you’re trying to
They seem to be getting longer by the day
You try to avoid anything that will remind the boys
Remind them you’re a developing woman
With breasts and an ass
You avoid spaghetti straps and short shorts
You stay away from shirts that hug or cling

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