Korean Man, Where Are You?

I want to talk to a Korean person so badly. I want to overhear two people talking in Korean and butt in with a surprised look saying “Koren person!” (in Korean). One will answer yes, and I will say hi – in Korean – to which the person will reply, hi – in Korean. I will say nice to meet you – in Korean – and they will stand there flabbergasted, in complete disbelief that this obviously non-Korean person can speak Korean so well. One person will say that to me. Wow. I speak Korean so well. I will say thank you – in Korean – after which one will proceed to say a number of words to me in Korean which I will promptly put and end to, saying – in bad Korean this time – that I actually only know a little Korean. That will put a damper on the whole thing but I will still be glad to have finally run into, and spoken to, a Korean in Korean anyway.

After spotting another cute Asian who wasn’t short, I told my coworker that at least once in my life I must date an Asian. Korean would of course be preferable, but any Asian would do. I need to get over my crush on Asia. Fast. What I could do is become a flight attendant, which I actually kind of looked into the other day, and thereby fulfill my dreams of travelling the world, and going to Asia. Currently in my refrigerator, well I don’t know what’s currently in my refrigerator, but I own six pairs of chopsticks! Five are Japanese, and one is Korean – and it came with the spoon! The long handled spoon. I love that spoon.

Monday again:
Oh gosh darn it. I’m at work and I just happened to hear a bit of Korean come out of a student’s mouth. There was a group of them and they were going for a workshop. Usually after a workshop, there are students who need to come up to the front desk. Good. Maybe, just maybe, I can get to sneak in an an-yeong-ha-se-yo (that’s how you greet someone in Korean). There I was, waiting in ambush, when suddenly I saw the guy on his way out of the library, not even anywhere near me. I stretched my neck trying to look for the girl who was talking to him, and I couldn’t see her anywhere. Well wasn’t that great. Can’t I just talk to a Korean in Korean once? Just one time?

This was written exactly one year ago, with the addition of two or so days. Of course now I have a boyfriend who intends to marry me, so that part about me dating an Asian is kind of on the windowsill. I find this hilarious though because by now this has come true. I have spoken to more than one Korean, male and female, and each time has been an absolute delight. I love the surprise on their faces when they realise I know some Korean and I love love love when they introduce me to other Koreans and inform them that I can speak Korean. It lifts my spirits like nothing else can. It has actually motivated me even more to learn the language as I had put this on a back-burner for a while. Well it’s summer now and I have more time on my hands. I can and should definitely put more time into learning more Korean.


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