One, Two, Three

Several things:

One way or the other, my father is going to have to get used to texting, because phone calls just can’t always happen. Texting is way more convenient for me and they ease my unsettled heart. I know that I’m probably getting anxious for nothing, but I really do get nervous when I know I have to talk to him. Therefore, I prefer not to. Just text me back daddy. Don’t call me.

Okay so I messed up with the Korean guy. He probably thinks I want to date him when I’m really only interested in learning from him. I got a little too excited. My bad. I’m sorry if I offended him. I’ve actually withdrawn a bit from all things Korean and I wondered if I should take a break, but I’ve decided that would be foolish of me. It is full time I stop letting other people influence me that way. One small misunderstanding like that should not make me give up learning Korean (even temporarily) and my dream of actually visiting the country the one day. Come on girl.

God. He’s been crossing my mind lately. Or maybe it’s just religion. Should I really go seeking after it again, or should I just take things one day at a time? I don’t really have a stance when it comes to religion. I used to follow one. I don’t anymore. But I’m not atheist…

And my mother. I miss her. I wish she were here.


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