This Is a Rant

Well it was supposed to be a rant. I was really fired up when I opened up this page to write, but then time did what it always does and I’ve cooled down since then.

The thing is, a favourite reggae artist of mine is coming to Boston, and I want to go see him. I already bought my ticket to see him…but I may not be able to go. After scouring the internet on and off trying to find a ticket for the $25 I know the tickets were supposed to cost, I finally found one and bought it. I wasn’t scheduled to work at either of my two jobs, so I bought the ticket

…except I was scheduled to work…

Last night, in the last twenty or so minutes of my shift at my new job, and this was a closing shift, I found out that I was scheduled to work for five days this week. That was all fine and dandy, but two of the days were problematic for me. One day, I was scheduled to work almost exactly at the same time I was scheduled for my other job. The other day, I was scheduled to work at a time that would overlap with the time of the concert I’ve been looking forward to for a month now.

Of course I started stressing out immediately. When I applied for this job I had open availability. I had nothing going on. Last week however, my availability changed since I got a work schedule from my first job. Seeing that I’m new at the second job, I haven’t become familiar with everyone there yet, so I didn’t know who I was supposed to go to to make it known that my availability is no longer wide open. Sure, this is my fault. I should have asked around. Here is the part that’s not my fault.

At orientation, which was considered my first day, I had been informed that I should give notice at least two hours in advance if, for some reason, I would not be able to make it in for a shift. I thought that was a bit past the mark since at my other job the requirement is one to two weeks, depending on how much time needs to be taken off. But whatever. I understood that this was an entirely different company and that they had different rules. Fine. Two hours. Here I was though, calling in a whole day before, as I was advised to do, and then being told that the schedule was set in stone and that I needed to find some way to work that out… What??

Panic mode: ON

I call a librarian at my other job and explain the situation and she, much more understandingly, says that it’s okay. Fine. So one day has been taken care of. Now I need to take care of the second day that overlaps with my beloved, and long awaited, concert time. I’m currently at work in the library and I have a half hour break coming up in ten or so minutes. Thankfully, the location of my other job is about ten minutes away by foot, so I’m going to rush over there and see if I can have someone take my shift, and also find out who I need to talk to to make it known that my availability has changed.

Damn it damn it damn it.


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