Believe It or Not

This draft is from April if you can believe that. You probably can. It was a response to a daily prompt: three things I believe, three things I don’t. I wasn’t able to publish it because for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a third thing I didn’t believe in. Well the third thing is absolute right and wrong. I just came up with that. It’s true though. There isn’t always right and wrong for everything. It isn’t always black and white. There are shades of grey. Sorry for that overused saying there, but, again, it’s true. So there.

I’ve tried to stop believing, in anything, besides right now.

Right now I’m disappointed with myself. Right now I feel bad, after doing something that was supposed to lift my spirits.

A song that I like just came on, and I feel better now. I wanted to dance to it, but I’m not good at free-styling, so even though I got up, I sat back down. I need choreography.

I don’t believe in the future. I can’t see it. Though that never stopped me from believing in God. I don’t really believe Him anymore, but I still believe in Him.

On to the point then. Three things that I believe to be true, and three things I don’t.

I don’t believe my parents meant for us to turn out this way. They meant to raise us well. They did their best. They want us to be successful and happy.

I believe that good people are in the world. They’re not all hard to find either. It’s just that I haven’t found one I could keep near me.

There are cures for cancer; more than one. I believe that. I believe that people are greedy enough to risk the lives of others in order to satisfy themselves. All the things we see in movies aren’t total garbage.

I think I’ve said three things I believe. I’ve also stated one that I don’t.

Well, for two more, I don’t believe in soul mates – not for everyone. The numbers of men and women on the earth are not equal, so there cannot be one person for every single person. Not possible. I also don’t believe…


2 thoughts on “Believe It or Not”

  1. “I’ve tried to stop believing, in anything, besides right now.” Lots of sound advice out there to do just that; focus on today.
    Speaking of “advice,” ever notice how many “advisors” come out of the darkness when one expresses their true feelings? Like sayin’ I know just how you feel.
    Anyway, your writings are honest. So when you write, we all get the rare experience of hearing the truth of a human heart.
    So thanks for sharing truth!

    Jack Murr

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