Snap Out Of It

Tonight’s as good a night as any to lie down and think about life, like I haven’t been thinking about it all day, like thinking about it all day wasn’t the reason I was in a slump all day, because life is such a nice thing to think about what with me lacking roots and the courage to find them.

Today, like all other days, I thought about society and its expectations of me, my family and its expectations of me, and how I am failing to meet these expectations because I’m not entirely sure what they are. That and I don’t want to meet some of these expectations because I think they are either pointless or a complete waste.

There is me wanting to be an individual person and not worry so much about others and what they think because that is a terribly big source of stress and I have quite enough of that with my school work and my job and having to put up with unpleasant people so very often. There is also the recent realisation that maybe I’m forgetting that the unpleasant people I find to be a source of stress in my life are still people who have their own stresses to deal with which gives them a legitimate reason not to tend to mine, you know, because they’re busy, working and taking care of whatever businesses they have to take care of; adult things that I don’t have to deal with yet and that I’m not in a rush to get to.

There’s also the larger society which involves religious and racial groups. This is problematic for me because I no longer identify myself with a religious group and the racial group I’m supposedly a part of is further divided into different ethnic groups and those don’t always see eye to eye. There’s just a lot of discord that I have no idea what to make of so even though I “think” about it I don’t really go into it too much because it would just cause a larger headache than what it already does. Instead of really “thinking” about it, I just look at it as a terribly large, dark cloud that looms over my head somewhere and that will soon burst and create some severe problems.

The religious thing is a problem for me too because now I don’t have anything to govern me. I feel like I’m not standing on anything and I don’t know where I’m going. I’m wondering if I should look into some other group or if I should just be one of those people who say they believe in God and leave it at that. I don’t know if I’m okay with that though because there’s all the hell/judgement stuff still in the back of my head. Not that I didn’t think I was headed there anyway, it’s just…I don’t know. There’s nothing there.

Oh and the childhood memories. Those keep popping up and I haven’t the slightest idea why. The growing up thing bothers me too. I don’t like the demands, or shall we call them requests, that are made of me because supposedly I’m old enough now. Like I was taught at some school that this is how one acts at the age of twenty-one. Sure. I must have slept through the whole thing. Sorry. I guess you wasted your money sending me there. Seriously though, I’m having this thing, this withdrawal thing I want to call it, where I’m trying as much as I can to stay away from anything that I know will bring me further into the grown-up world. I found myself thinking about Peter Pan and Neverland a while back, wishing it was actually real. I mean sure, I dislike some attitudes toward me that I think are more suitable for someone who is under the age of twelve, but the rest of it I think is unreasonable. I think people forget that I’m still very young and that,concerning how to relate to people and be socially polite, I really don’t have much of a clue. I didn’t grow up going to parties and accommodating guests. I never called my grandparents or any other relatives just to say hi. I wasn’t taught how to engage in small talk or to check up on people. I was just left to play and then called in when dinner was ready. I know to say thank you when I receive gifts. I know to greet people when I meet them. I think that is sufficient. It turns out however, that I have a bad habit, that I’m impolite or rude or inconsiderate or something like that.

I’m tired now. I wore myself out trying to live for other people which, by the way, was never noticed and completely taken for granted. Now I’m ignoring them and trying, very hard because of how unnerving it is, to do I what I want for a change because, one, I’m older now so I can get away with some things that I couldn’t before, and two, all of what other people want is too freaking much and it’s seriously heavy and weighs me down. I don’t know if it’s working so far because though I feel a bit better, I’m still not very pleased. Those around me aren’t either. But what the hell can I do? Add to this that I’m depressed…I just said that… Can you see the problem here? And as much as I would like to, I can’t “snap out of it” as my sister so graciously suggested. Like I wouldn’t have done that a long time ago if I actually could.


It’s tiring,
This life I live.
It’s tiring,
Trying to figure it out while going through it.
It’s tiring,
Trying to be happy when I feel nothing like it.
It’s tiring,
Trying to develop and maintain good posture.
It’s tiring,
Trying to eat well, to exercise, to feel beautiful.
It’s tiring,
Trying to stay awake when all I want to do is sleep,
To work when I want to rest,
To stand when my body feels all wrong.
It’s tiring,
Having to be strong, when I feel utterly weak.

And this is what they say
Living is.

Stars (or Waiting for Rescue)


I need to stop
wishing on stars.
They can’t help me.
I’m helpless
or hopeless.
Either way,
the stars
can’t save me.
Maybe a lobotomy can
or a sudden case
of amnesia
but not the stars
sitting in their
dark beds of black.
Perhaps they understand though,
how distance feels.
They are lonely,
up there,
so far from us,
so far from each other.
Those stars watch us
and maybe they know
what it feels like
to gaze upon something
they can never have.
They know what loneliness
really is.
So maybe
they can’t save me
but they can be
my companion
on nights where I feel like
I could watch you forever,
on those nights
when I see
all the tension
in your muscles,
the unrest
in your quiet.
Perhaps they can’t save me
but at least they can see you
and maybe that’s
as good as rescue.

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My List of Worries

I’m going to publish a list for the first time and that is because this particular list is very important. It’s all the things that have me worried right now. I’m not sure how long this list will be because I’m usually worried about several things without even knowing it.

  • My current relationship

It’s my first real one and it’s long distance and I’m worried that I might be settling and also that I might mess it up and that my dad won’t like him even though I really do. I mean my mom and sisters already know him and I’ve met his mom, and sister, and one of his brothers, and I think two cousins, and one other relative, but he hasn’t met my dad and that has me worried a little. Also it’s long distance. Enough said.

  • The whole God/religion thing

Well, as you know, I’m not really into my religion anymore and I don’t really plan on going back. The thing is, even at my age, I’m very impressionable and small things make a big impact on me. The other day I somehow stumbled upon this group on Facebook that was all about astronomy and zodiac signs and Egyptian gods and goddesses and black people being kings and queens and these people really freaked me out. So did these twins I follow on Instagram who claim to be followers of Rastafari but who were doing a yoga thing and talking about mythical and Egyptian gods and I just couldn’t for the life of me understand how Rastafari and ancient Egyptian theology went together. And then there’s Jesus…I’m going to stop here now.

  • Race

I’m Black and from the Caribbean and currently residing in America. There’s a lot going on here concerning Black people and White people and the history between those races – a history I’m not familiar with and that I’m not sure I want to become familiar with but that I think is my responsibility to know about. I was wondering today if God brought me here to learn about American Black history and do something big here for Black people – very unlikely I know, but you never know, maybe I might surprise myself and do something on a large scale without intending to. Basically I’m just scared right now and a bit confused and I’m feeling small and like I should know more than I do so that I can do something, but I’m scared of finding out what there is to know because then I might have to do something and I really can’t have my conscience riding me any more than it already is. And how do I, as a Black, Caribbean person, relate to people of other racial, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds who have no idea at all what the people of my race go through? How do I talk about it with them? Should I talk about it with them? I don’t, because I don’t know how. I don’t know how they’ll take it. I don’t think they’ll understand. I think it will just be really uncomfortable and so when I want to talk about these things I have to wait until I’m in the company of Black people, and only Black people, which is also not very comfortable. Again, I’ll stop now.

  • Learning

I want to stay in school – no not really, but I want more than one masters degree. I want to learn and do a lot of things and it really helps if I receive formal education in those things. The thing is I don’t have a great storage room somewhere filled with money that can finance all of this and I don’t particularly like the idea of being buried in loans after I finish all this learning that I want to do… So that’s that. I might not do it because, okay it’s highly likely that I won’t do this because of the lack of finances, which will also inhibit my trip to Europe, and Korea.

Okay the list was not as long as I thought it would be, but it’s a pretty comprehensive list which has very much to do with the very low moods I’ve been experiencing lately. Added to this is the always present I should exercise more and eat healthier thing, take better care of my hair and skin, read more bla bla bla.

So how’s your night going?

Cut and dry
Has never been my style.

I’m not a
Never look back
Kind of person.

I can’t cut
Off just because
They messed up,
Just because
They hurt me.

I keep thinking
I might regret it later.
I might cut them off
And then need them.

Burning bridges
Isn’t always a good thing.

It’s great
That other people can do it.
Other people
Can do
A lot of things.

Not me.
Never me.
I never do anything.

Except look at others
Doing what I want to do
And wishing
I was as brave
As they were.

Believe It or Not

This draft is from April if you can believe that. You probably can. It was a response to a daily prompt: three things I believe, three things I don’t. I wasn’t able to publish it because for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a third thing I didn’t believe in. Well the third thing is absolute right and wrong. I just came up with that. It’s true though. There isn’t always right and wrong for everything. It isn’t always black and white. There are shades of grey. Sorry for that overused saying there, but, again, it’s true. So there.

I’ve tried to stop believing, in anything, besides right now.

Right now I’m disappointed with myself. Right now I feel bad, after doing something that was supposed to lift my spirits.

A song that I like just came on, and I feel better now. I wanted to dance to it, but I’m not good at free-styling, so even though I got up, I sat back down. I need choreography.

I don’t believe in the future. I can’t see it. Though that never stopped me from believing in God. I don’t really believe Him anymore, but I still believe in Him.

On to the point then. Three things that I believe to be true, and three things I don’t.

I don’t believe my parents meant for us to turn out this way. They meant to raise us well. They did their best. They want us to be successful and happy.

I believe that good people are in the world. They’re not all hard to find either. It’s just that I haven’t found one I could keep near me.

There are cures for cancer; more than one. I believe that. I believe that people are greedy enough to risk the lives of others in order to satisfy themselves. All the things we see in movies aren’t total garbage.

I think I’ve said three things I believe. I’ve also stated one that I don’t.

Well, for two more, I don’t believe in soul mates – not for everyone. The numbers of men and women on the earth are not equal, so there cannot be one person for every single person. Not possible. I also don’t believe…

Mind Pictures

I don’t want to be honest

Just thinking about it hurts.

Watching it form,
From the corners of my mind,
Different lines
Linking themselves together.
Making something

I don’t want to see it.

I shut it down
Before something
Material appears.

I don’t want to see it.

I know some of it,
And the little I know hurts

What if I see the whole thing?
Will I be able to take it?
I don’t know if I want to find out.

Just leave it where it is.

I don’t want to see it.

Leave it where it is.