Colourful Lies

When I was around the age of sixteen I got into the Bible and the religion and it taught. Things got really serious really quickly and my life took a sharp turn. I was on a path to reformation and righteousness and nothing was going to stop me. I stopped all the things I was doing that my religion told me I wasn’t supposed to be doing, and I started doing all the things it told me I should. This included telling the truth. Not telling the truth really. I didn’t start blabbing my mouth off. I just decided I was going to try my best not to lie.

That became a problem when I came to America the next year. I realised that lying was something I was required to do. I hated that. I didn’t do it. Some things didn’t work out. Like job applications. No one wants to hire someone that isn’t available to work on weekends, particularly on Saturday. You also need to be able to work any time on Friday. I couldn’t do that. Addresses were also something that, under certain circumstances, had to be lied about. I hated that too. It was really bringing me down in my effort to be a righteous, sinless person.

I have a brother now who is three years old and he has a habit of lying. I’m trying to break him out of it, but sometimes, while I’m telling him not to lie, I’m wondering when I’m going to have to change this statement. While I would like him to be an honest person, I know that sometimes he will have to refrain from telling the truth. Lying out-rightly may not always be necessary, but sometimes it’s best not to speak. He’s not old enough to understand that yet, I don’t think, but he will be one day and while teaching him that lying is not a good practise, I will also need to teach him that telling the truth is also not always wise. I’m wondering what his reaction will be to this lesson.

I didn’t like having to learn that holding my tongue was sometimes the best thing to do. I didn’t like having to learn that what I considered truth was not welcomed by everyone. Since the time I was sixteen and now, being twenty-one, I’ve let go of my religion somewhat. My language has loosened and I now wear ear rings and nail polish, but I don’t make a habit of lying. It’s just that sometimes I’ve had to pretend I was someone else, or write a figure that was not so correct when filling out a form. I have to convince myself that I’m not doing something terribly wrong when I commit these acts, but at the times they were performed, they were necessary and urgent. The fact is, I did lie, but I needed to.


2 thoughts on “Colourful Lies”

  1. Hi Sorayajan,
    Jack Murr here. You have inspired me to get moving on my own blog which is called “the okie hobo” by the way.
    I really enjoyed your post “Colourful Lies.” Your observations about your journey are helpful to those of us who are just now trying to live truthfully.
    You are, of course correct, in my opinion, about what it takes to get on in America. I sometimes call our necessary lies…”relative truth.”
    Personally, I am trying to learn to be a truthful person; so your post was especially interesting to me. Thank you for posting.
    Speaking of truth, when you have some time maybe you would critique a video I made. It’s on at The song is called “Tears in Paradise” and is about someone going through tough times in Jamaica.


    1. :) Hi Jack,

      It’s so glad to hear that I’ve inspired someone to do something. I hope your blog turns out great and that you’re happy with it and yourself.

      I’m also glad that you enjoyed my post. I like when other people can relate to me which, I’m finding these days, is not very often.

      I will most certainly take a look at your video. I’m already interested.


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