There’s Something About Writing

I just made a really long entry into my online journal which I have not opened in so long that I had forgotten about it. I was going to write about how I left my umbrella at the train station on my to work and how I was going to have to buy another one and how I didn’t really want to do that because I’m kind of broke, but then I started writing about something that was a bit more important to me and it turned out to be a terribly long paragraph that I hadn’t foreseen. Wasn’t that nice? And guess what? I felt better after writing all that out. Weird, because that wasn’t the first time I had written about that particular thing, but I hadn’t written about it to such an extent before. I guess sometimes bits and pieces aren’t enough. I’m just very thankful to Christy Barongan for telling me write even though I might think that it’s not helping, because I was starting to think that writing wasn’t helping me, but look! It has! Even though this nice feeling will fade in a while, it’s nice to get things off your chest sometimes and I’m glad that today writing helped me to get something off of my chest.


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