For My Love

I want to take you on a journey
where we don’t know where we’re going,
but it won’t matter
because it won’t be about there
and we’ll laugh and love the entire way
while we discover ourselves and each other.

I want to sing you a song that’s stupid,
one that I wrote and that you’ll love
just because you know I wrote it
and no one else has heard it before you.

I want to make you breakfast,
and watch you eat it and make fun at me.
I’ll smile at you,
because I swear
there’s nothing better to look at than your face.

I want to fall asleep with you,
legs and arms entangled,
blanket haphazardly spread over us,
and feel your face against my nose and underneath my palm.

I want to love you and only you,
because I have never loved before,
and I think I want to try it with you.
I do want to try it with you.


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