From Life

I have become dead
Singing to water
Sitting on swings,
Branches and leaves
My father never
Put together
That I made
In my mind
When I saw the movie.

I have become
Dead weight
So heavy
It is hard to walk around
I stumble
Over the air
At my feet
And curse it
For being in my way.

I have become
A member
Of the bereaved family.
The one who will be
Prayed for
At a service for the dead
And I think that word
Sounds quite stupid
But it will be written
There in the funeral programme.

And I will sit there,
In the front row,
Because she was my mother
And let some man
Pray for me and my sister,
And my aunts and uncles
And try to comfort me
And the whole time
I’ll just be waiting
For it to all end.


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