Fifteen Minutes to Spare

I have about fifteen minutes before I have to move from this seat so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post something, which I’ve been dying to do for the longest while.

First of all, I’m back in school. After eight months of not being in school – because I took a semester off – I’m back at it at a new college and loving it so far. Not loving it loving it because these professors give a lot of homework, but hey, that’s school. I just have to get used to it again.

Second, I’m back from Jamaica. I went home briefly for my grandfather’s funeral where I met some new cousins, hugged some old ones, and knocked a tambourine hard at the graveside. I also went to the beach, got my hair done, and saw my beautiful mother.

Third, the epiphany series is not over. I just haven’t had time to really sit and type up a blog post. Did I mention that I’m back in school, and still working part-time? Yeah, I barely get to sleep or eat anything. It’s seriously hard to blog. I’ve even had to restrain my drama watching. That’s really big. There are two episodes of Roommate out that I have yet to see. I need to watch them before more come out and pile up on me. My life… Anyway the series isn’t finished. I’m still twenty. I have the rest of this month and almost all of next month before my birthday comes so I will keep the series going until then.

Whenever I find some time, and whenever I can actually think long enough to write something, I will. Until then, I guess it’s later.


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