Daddy and Me: A Memoir

I remember how my father used to bring my sister and I everywhere. He picked us up from school, took us to work, and then took us home when he was done. Sometimes he took us to football (soccer) matches with his coworkers, other times I just went with him wherever he was going because I liked the drive.

I loved being with my father as a little girl. And he didn’t seem to mind me around either. I watched him work on cars, asked him questions, and smiled like crazy when he let me check the oil. I loved checking the oil. Pull the long thing out, let him see what mark the oil is up to, wipe it off, then put the thing back in. I loved seeing the car go up as he wound the jack. He got on his knees, stuck his tongue out over his folded lips, and looked underneath the car. Sometimes he called a friend or two to help him. And I was there watching everything. Sometimes I got water for them to drink. Or I brought the spanner to daddy. Or the screwdriver. Which one, star-point or flat? Sometimes he needed a wrench. I brought that too. I loved lugging the smelly toolbox from the house to the car on the sidewalk.That’s a radiator and it cools down the car. The AC works this way. The engine doesn’t need to be on for the radio to work. For that you just need the battery. I didn’t know that. I thought the engine was needed for everything. No. It wasn’t.

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