Good News

Everyone! I got my laptop back! It’s working! Apparently there was a virus on it. Now that’s gone. It also has a new operating system, and better virus protection. This comes just in time for the series that I want to write, and I have school in the fall, so I need a working computer. 

Because I haven’t used it for so long it felt weird when I just opened it up but it’s all coming back to me now. Now I can blog whenever I want, and I watch my drama episodes on the big screen! My phone was not working out for me man. I need my episodes big and in my face.

Anyway I was just letting you know that. I did say I would tell you if it started working properly again. Also, for the series, some parts may be done in poetic form. I’ll also try to publish consistently.

Now go enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I’m going to start working on this series. 


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