Epiphanies at Twenty: Upcoming Series

Recently I’ve been coming to some realizations, about myself, and other things. I want to share them with you (whoever you are). I haven’t written anything down yet. I just started listing them today – there are three so far. I’m not sure if I’ll share them all so if there are numbers missing from the count then it means I’ve left those out. Or maybe I’ll give some kind of titles to the epiphanies, though titles really aren’t my strong suit. I’ll see. Anyway isn’t it cool that I’m having epiphanies? I’ve never had those before. Epiphanies at Twenty. Look out for that.


4 thoughts on “Epiphanies at Twenty: Upcoming Series”

  1. I know that feeling of wondering who is reading my “stuff” on the blog as well. It says there are 141 people subscribed to my blog, but I rarely hear from more than 4 or 5 on a regular basis. Count me in! Can’t wait to hear your epiphanies! DM

    1. :) haha. Exactly. I have over 200 followers but I’m only sure that about six of them read the things I post. Oh well. I guess I’ll talk to those six people. You make seven don’t you? Seven then. Thanks for the interest. Let’s see where this goes.

  2. I have only five at best! But it’s okay to me because what’s important is interaction. Saw you on the Daily Post. I’ll be sure to read them. I’m twenty myself, been for only two weeks :)

  3. Well congrats on being twenty for two weeks :) My time’s almost up actually, which means I have to get going with this series before my birthday! Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking to hear from you when I start posting it.

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