Bum Professors

Ha ha ha. I’ve been wanting to write for a while but I haven’t had anything to write about and I didn’t want to force myself to write something because I hate forcing myself, or other people forcing me, to do anything. It was good and bad in that I didn’t spill my thoughts prematurely and end up with yet another draft. I was also a bit restless because I hadn’t written anything for so long and was aware of the length of time since my last post. Guess what though? I just got an idea, and I like it too because it’s not about me. I’ve been writing about myself a lot lately, and it’s been depressing. It’s nice to look outside of yourself sometimes.

I’m at work, because it’s Monday, and a student, three actually, just came in and asked for a book. The library does have that book, more than one copy, but the book is out. Both of the two copies have been checked out by other students. The students asked how they could check books out. I told them they needed a school ID. They don’t have school IDs because they’re actually not students of this school. They’re just here taking a course for the summer. Here is their problem. No book was listed for the course they are taking. Therefore, they didn’t know that they needed a book for the course. However, they do need a book. They have an assignment that’s due in two days and they need to get the textbook as soon as possible so that they can complete the assignment on time. Sadly, I couldn’t help them. The library’s copies were both out, and even if they weren’t, they couldn’t check them out anyway because they don’t have student IDs. The campus bookstore was also closed so they couldn’t run up there and buy the book.

The first student who spoke to me called the whole situation a bummer while they were all on their way out. It was a bummer. They had unfortunately ended up with a bum professor. Don’t you just hate those? I do. Bum professors who don’t tell you in advance that you need a certain textbook for the course and that you are going to get homework from said book on the very first day of class. Bum professors who don’t explain material properly and act like the student who doesn’t understand is at fault for not understanding. Bum professors who don’t teach, but rather spend the time allotted rambling on about politics or other subjects that are quite fine in and of themselves, but that have nothing to do with the subject that they are being paid to teach. I’ve had bum professors like those, and sadly I wasn’t an excellent enough student not to be harmed by these professors. I didn’t take it upon myself to learn the necessary material on my own time. If I did try to understand something I missed from the professor’s explanation, I gave up if I didn’t get it right away. I don’t expect professors to do everything for their students – I’ve had some of those too, and trust me, they don’t help – but it would be nice if they actually did their jobs to the best of their abilities, keeping in mind the students that depend on them. It would be great if they didn’t just do the bare minimum.

I must also apologize in case the professor of those students isn’t a bum professor at all, but rather had some difficulties letting them know before hand that they would need a book for the course. Those things do happen.


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