Discoveries: Seeing with Age

It turns out my father isn’t a perfect man, and there are some things he doesn’t know. He is also capable of crying.

People do grow old and die, and cancer can affect even people that are close to me; people like my grandfather, and my uncle’s godfather, whom I called godfather too.

Everyone who smiles at you isn’t your friend. Mean people are numerous in this world.

Family isn’t always family. Love can have an end.

Mommy and daddy had to do actual work to send us to school and feed us. And when they said they didn’t have any money, they really didn’t. Bills are things they had to pay so that we could stay in the house.

People forget each other. They just do. It happens when you haven’t seen someone in a long time.

We don’t all get to stay together. We each have our own lives, and they take us to different places.

Money is something that you need, but you can never keep it for too long.

Africa is not the only place with starving children.

Adults can hurt you on purpose too.



This is the second of a three-part series. See parts one and three here.



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