And I sing and dance and smile.

Then I realize that the tempo
is a bit too slow.

And if I listen to only that,
I could keep lying in bed.

Isn’t it genius?

Pretending we are happy.
Shouting it to the world.

But not being too bright
as to misconstrue the real message:

We’re not happy at all,

Just trying
our hand at acting.

4 thoughts on “Happy”

    1. Lol! That’s funny. I didn’t find it annoying at first though. I was watching the happy 24 hour thing and it got annoying after that because the song wasn’t really that happy. Maybe too because the part I was watching took place at night. Even in the music video he himself doesn’t look happy and that really stood out to me. He’s singing about happiness and his face looks the total opposite of happy.

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