It’s Saturday night, and I paused my drama because it was dragging, or I lost interest.

I just finished a cup of cereal and I was just about to look up a movie I watched a while ago that I’ve been thinking about watching again. I want water because the cereal was sweet but there isn’t a bottle close enough to me that I won’t have to get up to reach.

The commencement ceremony for my college is coming up at the end of the month but I won’t be attending because it’s going to be held on a Saturday. Oh and it’s Friday night. My mistake. Tomorrow will be Saturday.

My father bought me a sewing kit this week. I think it was Tuesday. Yes. It was Tuesday. There was a rip on one of my dresses and I wanted to sew it up. Doing that made me want to take up embroidery. It was surprisingly very relaxing. I hadn’t expected that.

I decided to let my nails grow for the time being but they’re very soft and break easily so I bought some nail hardener for them. Hardener my butt. I wiped off the remnants of it earlier in order to put on a fresh coat and my nails are just as soft as they were before. I’ve always noticed this. Anytime I grow my nails and apply nail hardener it never works, but I still do it because I like seeing my nails shiny.

I’m currently reading a book about a cereal killer and it’s really interesting. I read it sometimes on the train. I think I bought it two weeks ago.

I’m tired.


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