I Think Chocolate Makes Me Laugh

A few days ago, probably a few weeks, I ordered a sandwich from Domino’s online. Before I was finished something popped up on the screen – lava crunch chocolate cake I think it was called. Do I want to add this to my order? Sure. Two came with the order and that was more than enough for me so I was happy to give one to my coworker when she told me she was hungry. I asked her how it was to find out if I had wasted my money. She said it was good. Good. I hadn’t wasted my money. The smell was nice too, so I used that as a positive sign.

After I finished work I left the library and went to my favourite lounge on campus which was just downstairs. I unwrapped my sandwich and ate it, disappointed that two cheeses were all over it after I had chosen not to have any cheese on it at all. Whatever. I took off what I could and had the sandwich. It was okay.

Then the lava cake. Oh my gosh. The lava cake. First off it wasn’t that great. I understand why they named it crunch. The outside was crunchy. That was the not so great part. I also understand why they named it lava. Man that chocolate inside really was lava. It was running out of that cake like a river and I was just licking it up. Thank God I was the only one in the lounge because I started laughing like a crazy person. Not really loudly or anything, but I was  the only one present and all I was doing was eating. If someone had walked by and had seen me laughing I’m sure it would have given the impression that my mental faculties were somewhat perturbed. I did try to stifle my laughter in the beginning but I eventually let it out because I was sure no one else was around.

It was the first time that food had made me laugh. That was new to me. I didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t believe that I was laughing because of something I was eating. I was just thoroughly pleased and I couldn’t hold it in. My sister called me and I told her. She told me that maybe I was crazy.

Well I really must be crazy because it happened again today. I had a fifteen minute break and my friend who I hadn’t seen in a while because of our schedules was at work today so I went in the back room for a snack instead of in the lounge because I wanted to be with her. On the break table was a box of chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements. Apparently the boss got it from her son for Mother’s Day. Well thank you son.

I love strawberries. And I love chocolate. And there they both were wrapped up in each other. They were all huge and just beautiful. I didn’t know what to do. My friend told me to take one. I did. Bite. Heaven. My cheeks rose and I let out a chuckle. Wow. Absolutely amazing.

“I need to make a list. This is the second time food has made me laugh,” I said. I don’t think anyone heard me though. But it was the second time and those strawberries were really good. I had a second one too. There was a card in the box that said to go to a certain website and let the company know if the chocolate dipped fruit wowed me since that was the aim, and man I really am going to go to that site because those strawberries were amazing. Wow.


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