My heart moves,
In tissues
And white sand
And roses.
Kisses never delivered,
Planted too soon.
Wilting in the sunlight,
Living for the moon.

My breath stops,
Waiting for raindrops
And rainbows
And small men.
The air about is quiet
While the war goes on
And I exhale again
Releasing what I tried to hide.

I run
Far away in my dreams.
Wide awake
With eyes closed
Waiting for someone to read
The words I’ve written
On these pages
What was meant.
Singing me a love song,
Knowing it will help.

I feel around in darkness
For my glasses
Or whatever important thing
I’m obviously missing,
And my hands keep getting dirty
But what am I to do?
I must continue till I find it.
I need the other shoe.


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