Pizza, Plaza, Bla Bla

I saw PLAZA and thought it was PIZZA. That’s how much I wanted it. I was headed to Subway. I had seen their posters advertizing pizza of some sort. I had looked to see if there was a pizza place I could walk to but the closest one was apparently three days and an hour away.

Looking around I saw pizza somehow. I don’t remember if it was the word or a picture, but both were there. Right beside Subway was some place that sold pizza. I had never been inside before. I never had a reason to go inside.

A gigantic slice of veggie pizza with only three visible pieces of vegetables. Okay then. Whatever. I get to write in my journal outside at some place while I’m eating. Am I cool or not? Dream come true.

A bunch of people are walking around outside. It’s warm today. I’m glad I’m not home. One bite left on this pizza. I’m not eating the rest of the crust.

I thought I was going to walk around today so I wore my walking shoes. Turns out after going to one place I don’t need to go anywhere else. I’m going to see if I can buy headphones before I go home. I didn’t before because they’re expensive, but I don’t really care now.

I think I hear reggae! No. It’s Jason Mraz. Well the music is reggae so…

Time to go. My ears hurt.


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