It ran out too quickly; the love I had for the world, the trust and belief I had in people, and God. I think maybe that’s why I’m spending my life in denial right now. I wasn’t made to learn how harsh the world is, and how wicked its people. I wasn’t shown the betrayal and hurt that could occur among family members. … I didn’t know people would keep walking over me, because I was “too kind”, or “so nice”, or “a good girl”. … I didn’t know I’d be made to feel so often that I was stupid and not enough. … Why are people so mean? I hate them all. It’s better to keep them at a distance and yet I’m dying for one of them to accept me. I don’t like being alone, but I don’t like being hurt, and it seems if I’m not alone, being hurt isn’t something I’ll be able to avoid. So leave me alone then.


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  1. Sometimes it’s so hard to put ourselves out there, to be open and vulnerable. There is always that risk, that by loving and giving ourselves to others , they can hurt us. It’s hard to be open again, after being hurt.

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