I Hate My Dryer

I’m from a tropical country okay? And I wasn’t extremely well off either. I started washing my clothes – by hand because we didn’t have a washing machine – in the sixth grade. In Jamaica, where I’m from, after you wash your clothes, you pin them up outside on a line. Okay? Good. The sun is out there almost all the time, so whenever you put your clothes out, all you have to do is go back inside and wait a while. Watch television, get something to eat, take a nap. Check on the clothes if you think they’re dry. If they are you pick them up and bring them inside, if not, you leave them and go back to whatever you were watching on TV.

Now here comes Boston with a Nor’easter and a washing machine and dryer. Great! I don’t have to bend over and hurt my back washing my clothes anymore! This is freaking awesome. And isn’t the laundry great to hold against your face after it’s just come out of the dryer?! Big smiles. Yay me. No more hand-washing. Wonderful.

No. Not wonderful. Not wonderful at all (and I wish I’d stop making mistakes on this keyboard so I could hurry up and type this). Buying new clothes for the winter was nice and all. It was really nice. Washing them in the machine, drying them in the dryer, that was nice too. But then my wrists are out…and…what the heck is this? Why are these sleeves shorter? They weren’t like this the last time I tried this blouse on. Why are these pajama bottoms suddenly mid-way between my knees and ankles? Um. I don’t want them anymore. But! Can’t return them because I’ve already washed and dried them and made them short like this. Like I was supposed to know that a dryer shrunk clothes. Not that I could do anything else either because there isn’t anything outside to hang clothes on and even if there were, it’s…well I don’t know how many degrees because these people use Fahrenheit, but it’s cold outside! And I don’t see where I could hang them inside either. Well isn’t this great? So I guess I’ll have to just forever walk around pulling my sleeves down and holding them in place as much as I can…

I hate my dryer!


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