Poems Like This

I’m happy when I don’t have to cook. 
Or when I cook because I want to 
After I’ve found a nice recipe
That I have all the ingredients for. 

I’m happy when I watch a good drama
That isn’t at all boring
And holds my attention
From the first second
To the very last. 

I’m happy when the house is quiet. 
When everyone is gone
And I don’t have to worry
About laughing or singing
As loud as I want to. 

I’m happy when my alarm doesn’t go off
And I can wake up at 3pm
Because I went to sleep at five in the morning. 

I’m happy when my mother tells me thank you
After I’ve done something for her. 
I like that because she’s done many things for me. 

I’m happy when my sister laughs
Because something good has happened to her. 
Something she had waited for
And really wanted. 

I’m happy when my father makes his jokes. 
The ones that are actually funny,
But that only make me laugh 
For about three seconds. 

I’m happy that I can write poems like this,
Because yesterday 
I cried until my chest started hurting. 


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