Not Yet

I cried
As I sang to God,
Asking Him to hear
What I was saying
Because I couldn’t talk
To Him
With spoken words,
Not yet.

Wondering how the words
I wrote
So long ago
Were so perfect
For right now.

I closed my book
And hung my head
But I didn’t say anything,
Though there was some movement
In the darkness
Of my mind.

I hope He heard from that,
Because I can’t talk to Him
Not yet.


2 thoughts on “Not Yet”

    1. I intended to answer this in a post but I’ll just do it here. Basically my relationship with God is off the tracks. I don’t pray, or do anything really, like I used to. I write songs, though I haven’t written any in a long while, and one evening I decided to look at the ones I had written (all gospel). I sang a bunch of them and some of them are written as me talking to God. Using those I thought I was talking to God, because it’s hard for me to speak to Him directly. Since He is God and knows all, I assume He realized I was trying to talk to Him while singing those songs. While singing I started to cry a little bit and after I finished singing I wrote this poem.

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