Most Mornings

I wake up in the darkness I fell asleep in, with my laptop beside me. I glance down and look at the time on the radio clock I got when I first came here. I exhale and stay on the bed, maybe one second, maybe two. I get up and push down until I’m feeling for my slippers with my feet. Walk slowly until I can get to the light switch. Flick. Light. Look in the mirror. The scarf I tied my hair with last night only moved a little away from my hairline on the side I slept on. Bathroom. Pee. Wash my hands. Upstairs to the kitchen. Cereal. Heat the milk up first, then add the cereal. Downstairs, to the folded bed against the wall and in front of the one I slept in. Drag my laptop down towards me and prop it open. I have time to watch a little more of the drama episode I was watching last night. Chew chew chew, while keeping track of the time. I’m finished, but I can keep watching for exactly two more minutes. The app on my phone says the bus will be down the street soon. If I don’t start getting dressed in two minutes, I could miss the bus and be late for work. I hate being late, for anything. Fine. Two more minutes and I pause the episode. Bathroom, brush my teeth quickly, then run back in and put my clothes on. Six minutes till the bus comes. If I don’t leave right now I’ll have to run. My bus pass is already in my bag. I know that. My keys are in there too. Do I have my phone and my earphones? Need those. Scarf? Need that too. Gloves? Just shove them in the bag. I can put them on later. Am I good? Have everything? Think so. Almost through the door I turn around and glance around my room in case there is anything I forgot. Nothing. Okay good. Check the time. Five minutes. I’m going to have to run. Damn it. Upstairs. Through the door. Make sure it’s closed properly behind me. It is. I run. Down the steps, onto the sidewalk. Across the street. One more, and down the hill. Three minutes. I’m good. I’ll catch it. I get to the bus stop and check the app again. No need. I can see the bus coming around the corner. Okay good. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. That was nice.



This was obviously written a while ago since it’s summer now and I have no need for a scarf or gloves. I have no idea why I didn’t publish this. It looks done to me.


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