Is This Okay?

Is it okay for me to love you like this?
To think that you’re perfect
While knowing perfectly well
That you may be just as broken and unfulfilled as I am,
Though you smile and laugh and dance around with your friends
Like you’re having the time of your life,
The same way I do?

Is it okay for me to smile when I think about you?
To giggle and cover my face like a teenager with a crush?
Holding distant dreams in my head of meeting you one day?
Knowing full well that I may never leave the ground I stand on,
And my dreams may never replace my reality,
That I may never become brave enough
To send everything to hell
And strike out on my own
To climb the mountain in front of me?

Is it okay for me to be like this?
For me to keep your face in my mind?
For me to love you and cling to you,
Because I don’t want to stand up by myself?


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