And I engulfed
Each little bit
And piece
While pieces
Of me
Fell off,

And I let them fall,
Bit by bit,
Never looking back
Or down,

Holding my head up,
Closing my eyes,
With my hand
Always in His.

What would You like
Me to do,

Should I do it now,

Do I have to
Do it

I’m scared.

And my chest
Would grow stiff
While my eyes
Would well up
And I’d forebode
And forebode
And make myself sick
I’d see monsters
And catastrophes
And hellfire
And angels
And I’d pray
And read verses
To make it go away
And all the while
He’d stand beside me
Watching me in panic
Until I’d wade through the water
And fall exhausted on the shore
Sucking in every breath of air
Like there wasn’t another one left,

And when finally I could breathe
Like I wasn’t a fish out of water,
I would tell him thank you,
And smile at the sun blinding me.


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