The Moon and the Man

The moon cried once
Because she was always
Alone in the sky at night.

The stars never understood her
So they kept to themselves.
She envied them,
And wished that she too
Could be surrounded
By ones like her.

One tear fell
On the heart of a man,
And he loved the moon
From then on.

He waited for her
Every night
And gazed upon her face
Till morning.

The moon thought it strange
To be loved by a man,
But she was glad
That at least one being
Did love her.

She slowly began to love him,
And shone brightly for him
Each night.

They both wished
That they could be together,
That they could touch
Each other.

The ocean heard
And decided to help.
She knew how
To reach the moon.

The moon waited,
And the man got ready.
With one leap
He went into the ocean,
And it carried him off
To the only love
He ever knew.


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