Into the Future

Into the future I tell myself that I’ll be fine.
I won’t see anything bad.
I’ll be doing better.

I won’t cry anymore
Because it’s just too much
And my body is tired
And my mind can’t think.

I’ll be fine with being around people
And I won’t aim to spend
The least amount of time
Possible outside my bedroom.

I’ll no longer think
I have to be the one
To suffer just because
I don’t want to start
A quarrel with someone.

Making everyone happy
Will not be my responsibility.
I will no longer live
Trying to fulfill
The expectations of others.

I will not walk around
With invisible weights on my shoulders,
And ninety-nine percent of my smiles
Will be real.

I wake up
From the future
With my trench coat still on
And I see me in a corner
Hugging myself,
With my forehead on my knees
And my arms around my legs,
And I wish that me knew
It would all change
One day.


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