February 15, 2014

There was ice today, lots of it. I had to be careful not to fall. I could hear it groaning under my weight, and sometimes see the water moving under it. I wished AJ was with me. I would have shown him all the ice. He would have been glad to see it. For days, he had been asking,

“Is this ice S’raya? Is this ice?”

“No AJ. That’s not ice. When I see some I’ll show it to you. Okay?”


After a while, he’d shout again,

“This is ice S’raya!”

“No AJ, that’s not ice.”

“It’s ice!”

“No AJ. That’s not ice. I’ll show you some ice soon. Just wait.”


After walking a little further, me scouring the sidewalk for ice at the edge of the snow pile, I spotted some.

“AJ here is some ice, look.”

“That’s ice S’raya?”

“Yes, that’s ice. Right there. You see it?”

“Yeah. That’s ice S’raya. See? That’s ice,” as if he was the one showing it to me.

“Yes AJ.”

But this morning he wasn’t with me. I saw all the ice by myself.


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