About Life

Let’s have a long conversation about life. Not about the weather, or who moved into where and how much he or she paid for it. Not about whose son or daughter graduated with what honor or got into what college or university with which scholarship. Please don’t tell me about which career makes the most money, or how much debt I might be in when I finally do get the degree that I want. I don’t want to hear about the economy or politics or the unemployment rate, or how long it may take me to get a job in my field once I finish school.

I want to talk about life. How you do it. How you learned to give a hug. Do you give hugs? Or is your culture more inclined towards kissing? Is there a reason you only like to wear sneakers, skinny jeans, and baggy tops? Why the only piece of jewellery you wear is a gold ring on your pinky finger?

Would you mind if I asked you why you always blink so rapidly? How did you grow up? Would you raise your children the same way you were? What do you think about flogging, grounding, time-outs etcetera when it comes to child discipline? What do you think about the fact that the part of a person’s brain that deals with judgement and making decisions doesn’t fully develop until the age of twenty-five but that someone can be tried as an adult way before then?

Why do you think people get jealous? What do you think about broken families? What about families that are bi- or multi-racial? I want to know why it’s hard for my father to say I love you, and why yours can tell you so easily? Why is your mother so strict when mine was too lenient? How can parents develop favoritism for one of their children? How does being the oldest, middle, or youngest sibling affect you in your family?

I want to talk about life and how it happened. Not all the things that may go wrong. Not growing up, not being strong.

Let’s talk about life.


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