I’m hiding myself. That’s what it is. The reason I don’t tell you my name, or show you what I look like, is that I’m hiding myself.

I am too afraid, simply put, to speak what is on my mind knowing that anyone can access it, and know who it is coming from. My opinions aren’t universal, and I am not completely independent. They will affect those close to me, and the relationships I have with them. By this I mean they will have something to say about it – something I don’t want to hear.

I want to express my opinions. I had been a very talkative child. Now I’m not so talkative, but I still do have a lot to say. I feel burdened actually, by all the things I want to say, because I’m not able to say them without some adverse response. The person I am doesn’t fare well with negative comments, particularly when said directly to me by someone I know. For that reason I cannot make videos. I did begin to do so, but I stopped. I cannot risk my family seeing them. I don’t want my friends or acquaintances to either. I just don’t want to answer to anyone for anything I say.

Therefore I blog, anonymously, because by doing this I can say what I want to, without anyone knowing who I am. It’s better that way. Call me a coward – I have – but that’s just the way it is.



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