It’s gone.
And I’m empty again.

The lie I used
To fill my insides
Is done

And now I need
Another one.

I was smiling just now,
Brought almost to tears.
Over the moon
They were so happy.
Everything was working out.

I was satisfied.
All had ended well.
I was happy.
I was fine.

But then, without me noticing,
It left.
Whatever good feeling I had.
Whatever satisfaction
Whatever joy,
If it even was that.
It left.

And I felt empty
All of a sudden.
Like I hadn’t eaten for days.
It just came at me out of nowhere.

But it was familiar to me.
This new feeling.
It’s the same feeling I have
Before I go to bed
Some nights.
The nights when I wish
I didn’t have a tomorrow
To wake up to.


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