Remember Me How

Remember me how I was to you,
And don’t ever lie about it.
Remember me well
If I was good to you.
If I wasn’t, don’t remember me at all.
Or you can talk about the times
I upset you, and never let you finish
What you were saying.
How I didn’t like sharing my food,
But I would because
I didn’t want to leave
You hungry.

If I made you laugh,
Then remember that.
And remember how I always
Tried to make you read.
Remember how I covered for you
When you got yourself
Into trouble,
Or if you want,
You can remember when
I got you into trouble.

Remember when I made
Your arm blue and purple,
Because I was determined
Not to let you win again.
Or you can remember
The purple bruises I got
From you, because of the
Fingernails you
Never wanted to cut.

Remember how I always spoke
For you, because I didn’t
Want you to be misunderstood.
How I was mean to you
Because I wanted you to learn
How to do it for yourself.

Do it for yourself.
I won’t always be here,
And no one wants to hear
Me talk for you anymore.
I’m still older,
But now you’re old enough.
Remember that I loved you,
And that I said it first.


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