Seats In Heaven

“I don’t want to lose my seat in heaven,” she said.

So we have seats in heaven now. We all bought our tickets and the only thing we need to do is show up on time so that we don’t lose our seats.

I knew what she meant, but…who told her she had a seat to begin with? Where does it say that there’s an empty seat waiting anywhere in heaven for anyone specific?

I sat there and looked at her with what I hoped was a look on my face that told her I understood and agreed with her. I didn’t say anything.

I had worried many times about my seat, whether or not I’d really end up in heaven after everything was done. We all did. But with me, I leaned more towards the side that said I wouldn’t. Even though I had gone to church every single Sabbath, I knew there were a million more things I could have done and hadn’t, that made me not qualified for heaven just yet.

My seat? I don’t know if it ever existed.


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